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The Important Details: Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read over the Terms and Conditions. YOUR APPLICATION REQUIRES THAT YOU AGREE TO ALL TERMS.

  • With stake money, Pocarr backees may only play games that have been previously agreed upon by both player and Pocarr. These will be determined before any initial funds are sent.
  • Player will be staked at 50/50 with make up. This means that at the end of each month, all profit is split. The player keeps 50% and receives 50%. In the event you have a losing month, you must make up this loss in future months before you may personally profit. This is called “make up”. Losses continue to rollover each month.
  • Player may request a profit split at any point.
  • Player may not terminate our backing agreement while in “make up”. If you are in profit, you may quit at any time after the completion of our agreement.
  • Player must update their “rail” on the Pocarr Forum at the end of each playing day. Account balances are all that is needed. Balances will randomly be verified by a Pocarr staff member.
  • Player will be considered for live play based on how well they fare for Pocarr.
  • Player must have an RSA token or Pin on

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