Frequently Asked Questions

Do you stake players residing in the United States?

For the past 10 years we have not (2021 update). We are now willing to consider US players, though it's tougher for us to accept due to the limited offerings.

How do I move up in stakes?

We have an application form in our Introduction Packet. The main items we look for are consistent study with our note-taking document, consistent volume, not playing off-stake, good communication/rail updates. We're happy to review these applications at any point.

Can I get a better cut than 50/50?

To start, the answer is likely no. After we've worked together for an extended period of time and had success, we're open to discussing changes.

What if I want to end the agreement early?

Our contracts are typically for 18 months. Should you ask to end the agreement early, we may offer a buy-out. We have staked over 1,000 players and this has been requested less than 10 times.

Why should I join Pocarr and not some other training/staking site?

We've proven ourselves to be able to develop players from micro stakes into winners at the highest games. Many of our coaches and staff only get paid when our players win. This maximally aligns incentives. Additionally we're the only active MTT stable offering guaranteed monthly salaries.

How many games will I need to play per month?

300 normal speed scheduled MTTs.

How many videos do you guys have?

We have over 1,000 videos and add roughly 30 new videos per month.

How much coaching can I expect to receive?

The bulk of our coaching is done via videos. This allows us to afford the best coaches. We also outsource group webinars from top coaches not on our current team. Lastly, our top players coach our lower stakes players in private, unrecorded 3-on-1 and 1-on-1 settings. This is all free to the player and paid for by us.

Can I get anything for referring someone to Pocarr?

Absolutely! We give our referees 2% of what we make from every player they refer, paid out monthly.

How does the salary work?

For meeting certain requirements, a player with a salary will be allowed to request up to a pre-determined amount each month.

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