Pocarr has changed my life. I started as a player, but today I'm working as a manager on Pocarr. Really, I am blessed to have known and to be able to work with people like Alex Carr and Rob Tinnion, two spectacular managers and players.
by Rodrigo Carnasciali
I've started here playing the lowest stakes. I could learn, not easily, but with their support how to be a professional. I also could develop myself in many other areas with their help. I recommend Pocarr, they are the best stable on Earth.
by Luiz Renato
A month before I joined Pocarr I was dropped from another stable, not realising that it was going to be the best thing that could have happened to my poker career. It was so much more professional in every aspect.
by Damien Wain
I am honored to be an investor in Pocarr. I diligently study their materials to better my game and if I was working to move up the poker ranks, Pocarr is certainly where I would start.
by Jonathan Little
Pocarr is the best stable out there because of their approach. They don’t just stake players they train them to be successful poker players while giving each player the attention they deserve.
by Andrew Sweeney
Pocarr is professional and willing to help out their stakees whether it be poker coaching, mindset coaching, goal setting, etc. They're easy to get along with and make it their priority to help you become the best poker player possible.
by Mat Brown
I’ve been working with Pocarr for over 5 years. I have seen student after student grow from only basic knowledge, to legendary crusher. Their system has crafted top players over years of work and it's great to watch our students succeed.
by Adam Sherman
Pocarr, with its community, have taught me that with hard work, and a clear vision, I can create my own life story. I owe all my past and future success to them.
by Grant Dorey
As a long-time MTT coach I’ve worked with many stables and hundreds of players, but I continue to be blown away by the quality of players that come up through Pocarr.
by Jon Van Fleet
The team is great and I guarantee that if you work hard there are no limits. They will give full support to anyone willing to put their foot on the gas. This is not just for poker but they’ve helped me with my personal life and getting me through difficult times.
by Jorge Cardoso
I can say Pocarr changed my poker career, but the change they implemented is more than just about the game. I started in low stakes, today I can play the biggest mtts online poker can offer. Since 2014, every win I can credit to Pocarr.
by Aleksander Carvalho
I’ve been a Pocarr player since 2015 and the numbers prove the excellent work we’ve done. I'm proud to have 41k profit and 72% ROI in this period. It's a serious and just company, always thinking in improve the qualities of players. Qualities professionals and personal.
by Leandro Massia

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