How do I learn advanced poker?


We see four main ways that poker players become advanced.  

Training Sites / Videos

Watching videos from professionals where they talk through their thought process is a great way to learn new concepts.  These can be live webinars, theory presentations, recorded 1-1 coaching sessions, hand history reviews. Many high-level free videos on YouTube are adequate for beginners.



These days we have preflop solvers, post-flop heads-up solvers, post-flop 3-way solvers. We have programs that allow you to train against game theory optimal (GTO) solutions. Software has become one of the most important pieces to becoming an advanced poker player. AI comes up with many ideas and lines that are not intuitive, but after much thought, make a lot of sense. These help us improve our understanding of solid poker play and be a tougher player to play against.


Hand History Reviews / Live Play Reviews

Much like an athlete reviews their play in a video review, so too should mental athletes. Reviewing previous hands played with other solid players and putting them through the latest software programs available helps us strengthen our play and check our decisions.


Discussing with peer(s)/coach

With a coach, you will be quicker to find areas for improvement. Often we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t even know what we’re looking for. If you think a play is good, but it’s terrible, why would you change it if you think it’s good? It takes someone with different knowledge to bring this leak to light. For this reason, getting other opinions on hands is extremely valuable.


At Pocarr, we combine all of the above for our players. We offer at least one new training video per day, multiple webinars per month, we use all of the latest software programs, and provide 1-1 coaching. Additionally, we have custom-made tools that are not available on the market that are private to our players. These aid in study and make the learning process easier. Make sure that you are balancing study and play. If your study is great but you don’t play often, you miss out on the opportunity to test out new strategies and perfect them.