How do you get staked for poker tournaments?

The first step of course is playing poker tournaments and gaining experience. It is unlikely anyone will want to stake you in anything with no experience.

There are a few ways to go about getting staked.  

  • Sell action for a single tournament.  You may choose to sell the entire thing with the backer putting up all the money and receiving something around 85% of any prizes.  You may choose to sell a piece of the tournament, say 50% of the buy-in and the investor receives 50% of any prizes.  You can also sell pieces at mark-up which we will cover in another post.


  • Sell action for a package of tournaments.  This is done the same way as above, only the math is sorted after all tournaments are completed.  You may sell the entire package for something at roughly 85% to the backer and 15% to the player.  You may instead choose to sell part of it, say half the buy-ins and the investor(s) receives half of any prizes. 


  • Sell action for all tournaments over a given period of time or a large block of games.  This is where stables such as Pocarr come in.  We stake players looking to have all of their action covered for 12+ months.  We guarantee backing for agreed upon games, coaching, and clear milestones for moving up in stakes.  


To sell action for a single tournament or package of tournaments, you will need to have some proven results, usually in the form of results you can show on Sharkscope or Hendon Mob.  With a track record of winning, you can sell packages on various poker forums and websites.

At Pocarr we use the same websites as a starting point, and also look through hand histories and speak with previous backers.  We’ll ask many questions and set up an interview to make sure we are on the same page with everything before starting.