How much does a poker coach cost?


Like most things, quality and demand determine cost. The best poker players in the world often cost $500+ per hour for a 1-on-1 coaching session. Mid-stakes poker coaches are typically in the $50-$200/hr range. Low-stakes poker coaches come in below $50/hr. Often coaches offer a discount for purchasing multiple 1on1s in advance.

Because these prices are often a significant hurdle, there are many poker training sites that charge a monthly subscription for access to videos. This is a lower price entry for the consumer. This does not fix the high cost of 1-1 coaching, however.

Another option is coaching-for-profits. This is where you get coaching in return for a % of your future profit over an agreed-upon period of time.

Poker stables, like Pocarr, can provide free 1-1 sessions effectively paid for out of future winnings via a staking deal. Pocarr provides the capital to play and coaching resources and takes a percentage of profits. This model is beneficial to the player, the coach, and the staker. The player gets coaching with no out-of-pocket cost, the coach receives more coaching hours, and the staker gets to financially stake a quality player who cares about improving their poker game.