What is a poker stable?


A stable is normally defined as a building or place for keeping horses. Of course, farm animals don’t play poker. In the poker world, when someone(s) stakes 5+ people, that is considered a poker stable. Funny enough, players in these poker stables are commonly referred to as horses!

Some poker stables offer solely financial backing, while others, like Pocarr, offer financial backing in addition to valuable coaching resources to help our players improve. We (Pocarr) are a poker stable as we stake over 200 players.  We have pooled money together from some of the brightest minds in poker and business to provide an unlimited bankroll and world class coaching to the players we work with.

Our expectation for our players is that they will work hard to improve incrementally every single day, and we expect no less from ourselves as a poker stable.  We are constantly looking for ways to give any extra edge we can to our players.  This means being up-to-date with all the latest software available, playing trends, providing world class poker coaching and mental coaching.  We subscribe to the powerful idea behind the aggregation of marginal gains, made famous by James Clear.